When you purchase a commercial security system from Security Alarms, Inc., you will have 24-hour protection. So, if your alarm is activated, our central station will immediately be alerted. And they, in turn, will alert the police for you. This will ensure a fast response to the activation and, if you have a Videofied camera installed it will verify an intruder is on site.

Motion sensors can be set off by myriad things, from vandals breaking into your property to a or a bug inside the sensor, setting off the system. Fortunately, Videofied cameras record 10 seconds of video, showing the central station exactly what is happening at your place of business. That is why proper camera placement is important. Here are some examples of how Videofied works best:

  • A scrap metal company placed motion-sensing cameras around the perimeter of their parts yard, facing into the yard so passing pedestrians and motorists didn’t set off the system. They also included cameras directly on a couple of the more expensive pieces. When burglars broke into the yard, they were caught on the wrong side of the fence by the cameras. Those 10 seconds of video showed the police that there were two burglars within the yard’s perimeter. The second 10 seconds of video (shot from the camera on the moving metal) showed the police that a large piece of metal was being moved, further indicating the thieves’ intentions. Both pieces were great evidence against the criminals once they were apprehended outside the fence line a few minutes later.
  • A diamond store was located in a group of buildings separated by slim alleyways. The owner had a Videofied camera installed on the building opposite, pointing directly at the ground floor windows. Later, that same camera caught someone loitering in the alley. On film, that person picked up a piece of wood, broke the window, and started climbing through into the store. Police apprehended him while he was climbing back out of the window into the alley. He was holding $1000 worth of jewelry.
  • A lawyer’s office installed a motion-sensing camera in the corner of the lobby, directly pointing at the door. When the silent alarm went off, there was a video indicating a vandal entering the room with a bat. Police were called and the man was apprehended shortly after he began to trash the office.

While 10 seconds of video feed doesn’t sound like a lot, sometimes it’s the most important piece of evidence the police have for catching and convicting criminals. Plus, it makes false alarms a thing of the past. For many Orange County business owners today, that peace of mind is worth purchasing.

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