Once they realize that security should be a priority and the time has come to research alarm systems, Orange County homeowners and businesses have a choice to make: wireless, or hard-wired?

As is the case with many important buying decisions, there is more to security systems than the price tag. Learning about the differences between a system that requires no wires and one that does will help you make an educated purchase and, in the long run, a wise investment.

As owners of Security Alarms Inc., we do our best to match our customers with alarm systems that are the right fit for them. Frequently that means explaining to our Orange County customers the real costs of ownership, over time, of a wireless security system vs. a hard-wired security system – and the reliability of one over the other.

Let’s review the relative merits of the two types of alarm systems. Orange County customers increasingly are trusting wireless systems, but is that the best security system for you?

  • Both wireless and hardwired alarm systems implement keypads, sensors, and a some type of central monitoring system.
  • Components of wireless security systems can be costlier than a hardwired system, which means a bigger initial investment. But a wireless system can be installed relatively quickly. Running wires under carpets, through attics and in walls takes time and can entail additional labor costs.
  • Do you rent? If so, your landlord may forbid drilling into walls, floors or ceilings to run wiring for your alarm system.
  • It’s easier to expand a wireless system to keep pace with a growing business, and portability allows wireless alarm systems to be moved fairly easily.
  • We recommend hardwired alarm systems for commercial enterprises because most businesses typically have plenty of places to conceal wires, such as drop ceilings.
  • Once a hard wired system is installed, it is relatively maintenance free. A wireless system will require new batteries periodically to ensure it will work when called upon, and that could be a major cost consideration, depending on the company you choose. Security Alarms does not charge to change batteries.

And in this age of do-it-yourself, we at Security Alarms always recommend security systems that use a 24-hour central monitoring service to follow up each alarm and make sure your home or business is always secure.