Just beginning to learn about home security systems? Orange County residents attempting to educate themselves on keeping their homes safe face a difficult task.

There is plenty of information available on the internet. You may also be thinking of talking to your local installer of home security systems. Orange County has dozens of such contractors, eager for your business.

But to get answers that really address the particular needs of your family or business, you need to ask the right questions. Purchasing a very expensive security system in Orange County will certainly guard against intruders, but the real goal should be finding the alarm system that is appropriate for your property without spending too much money.

Security Alarms Inc. has installed home security systems in Orange County since 1971. We’re a family-owned enterprise – we understand all the very personal reasons families or business-owners want to protect their property.

We’ve also seen firsthand the pitfalls of poorly-conceived security systems. Orange County home- and business-owners who are considering investing in a security system – in our opinion – should take a few moments to determine what type of protection best serves their needs before investing a penny on alarms, cameras, or any type of monitoring setup.

Otherwise you may waste a lot of money on expensive equipment that doesn’t really make you, your property and your loved ones any safer. As a family that has been installing Orange County security systems for more than 40 years, allow us to make a few suggestions before you buy:

  • Consider the crime rate in your neighborhood or around your business. What are the most typical crimes that occur in the area? This helps determine the level of security you should have. Local law enforcement agencies often provide crime statistics on their websites.
  • Businesses are increasingly installing security cameras. Orange County has cameras everywhere, recording the moves of vehicles and people. Cameras can be a deterrent to bad behavior but have some limitations: Video images are not always sharp and there is always a chance some incidents will be missed. Real-time monitoring of security cameras may prove helpful, but costs more money.
  • Some Orange County security systems companies increase monthly charges every year. Check to see if the installer you are considering keeps monthly charges the same over the length of a contract, unless service levels change. Also, be mindful of companies that charge service fees for routine maintenance like battery replacement.

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