For a family-run, Orange County security systems installer such as Security Alarms, Inc., it’s gratifying to know that our products and service make a difference in the lives of our customers.

We love hearing from people for whom we’ve installed alarm systems. Orange County customers have shared with us many real-life examples of how our alarm systems saved money and property.

A few of their stories:

• A woman’s collection of valuable antique dolls was kept in her home. The collection was worth thousands of dollars and included several very old dolls particularly prized by hobbyists.

To protect her assets, the woman wisely asked Security Alarms, Inc. to install a system that included a silent alarm. That is, the alarm would be noticed by security personnel but remain unheard by an intruder.

A burglar who clearly knew the value of her doll collection broke into her home when she was away. After he quickly gathered the most valuable dolls and made his way out of the house, he was astonished to be greeted by police, who were waiting for him outside the front door.

The intruder was caught red-handed with the help of a silent alarm that he never heard.

• A liquor store employee working in the rear of the store found himself being held up at gunpoint by a robber. Fortunately, the employee was carrying a portable remote alarm for the Orange County store’s security system in his pocket.

Nervous as he must have been, the employee had the presence of mind to push the remote alarm button, alerting authorities. The gunman never noticed.

Police quickly made their way to the store and encountered a very stunned robber as he tried to escape.

• A retail store that sold tires and wheels was entered while it was closed by a burglar who had broken a rear window. This time, the alarm was not silent.

In fact, the burglar, hearing the loud alarm, panicked and fled through the same window he broke to enter the store. The broken glass cut the intruder and ripped his shirt as he tried to escape.

The bloody shirt provided useful evidence. Police quickly found the burglar, in jail on another charge, through a DNA match.

In Orange County, alarm systems mostly serve to discourage would-be criminals or put the property owner’s mind at ease, knowing loved ones or property is safe. In and of itself, that is a valuable service that we at Security Alarms, Inc. are proud to provide. We would rather you never have to experience a frightening encounter with intruders.

But all too frequently, criminals choose to test our security systems. Orange County homeowners and commercial property owners alike can testify to the results of the intruders’ bad judgment. Our security systems and accompanying service and maintenance are saving property – and even lives – time and again.